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Ptg Silica Gel Protection Film
Pty Acrylic Protection Film
Pu Protection Film
Three-layer Silica Gel Protection Film
Explosion Prevention Film For Glass
Anti-static Optical Bopet Protection Film
Ultralight Pet Release Film
Color Pet Release Film
Anti-static Pet Release Film
Gradiant Bopet Film For Printing
Bopet Black Film
bopet red film
Bopet Yellow Film
Bopet Blue Film
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Weifang Foer Photoelectric Materials Co.Ltd was founded in 2015 in Weifang City, which is called the Capital of Kites. The company is committed to the production, processing, research and development of BOPET films. Advanced production & processing equipment and thousand grade purification workshop have guaranteed the quality of products. BOPET films with thickness of 6μm to 350μm have found a wide utilization in the fields of LED and LED production process protection, FCCL, m…

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